Thursday, December 22, 2011

Neighbors (part I)

We have the most amazing neighbors you could ever imagine. I know, I know. You didn't realize we'd found a place? Well, we did! It's wonderful and you will hear all about it later. First, I have to tell you about our neighbors.

J&E are the couple on the East side of us. They are in their early-thirties. Educated but not pretentious. J teaches and manages land for wildlife preserve nearby.  E? She works from home as a consultant (full-time no less!) doing important social and environmental sustainability work.They are outgoing. Kind enough to lend us a shovel during our dreaded Snowpocalypse.* Have tons of friends coming and going all of the time. Married for the same length of time as Mr. Bee and I. Expecting their first child in a few months. Did I mention E is social? She can carry on a non-awkward conversation with some of the most awkward people I know (Mr. Bee and myself!)

And they compost. I'm sure they do. I think they might also be vegan. Or at least eat lentils on a regular basis. Like I said, they are a-mazing. Yes, I just hyphenated that word. Our neighbors are that great that their existence warrants the use of unconventional punctuation. I might be a little obsessed with them right now, but how could I not be? They've got the future that we are working toward!

*A crazy snow event that may or may not wreak destruction worthy of the term "apocalypse."
day one.